to Karasu.me! This is the personal space of Carla, AKA Karasu. Here you will find art, graphics, photography and other things. Please have a look around and leave a message in my Cbox if you want! ^_^ I'm open to suggestions for site content as well!

7/26/20 - Updated the MP3 rotation!

7/21/20 - 28 new icons in the Sailor Moon category :)

7/12/20 - Updated the MP3 Rotation!

7/2/20 - Added affies and link exchanges to the right, instead of on the links page. :)

6/30/20 - Added the link to my blog under "personal".

6/28/20 - New song on the MP3 Rotation! I decided to update it every other Saturday. A couple hours late on this one lol

6/16/20 - Added a new song to the MP3 Rotation :D

6/7/20 - Added a page of Time killers. Basically a bunch of stuff to read when you're bored :) I'm still adding to it so check back!

5/15/20 - Added an MP3 Rotation! The first song is already up for download. I hope you enjoy it :D

5/14/20 - I won SOTM @ Nightmare Fantasmic! Added my award on the awards page :D Also added another bishie claim!

5/13/20 - Added a couple of bishie claims :D

5/1/20 - Completed the move to neocities :) Here is my Neocities Profile, follow me!

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