My home, to be exact. I'm Brandon, but I'd much prefer you call me Kara. It's short for Karasu, the Japanese word for crow (the bird, not the bar). I'm a cultivator of talents. I do a little bit of everything. I play music, I write stories, I draw, and I code. Basically if it's artistic, I've at least given it a shot. I also enjoy playing certain video games (though I am super picky). Most notably I play Rocket League. I'm not very good at it, but I do enjoy it nonetheless. Occasionally I'll play some ARAM or whatever the current mode of the week is on League of Legends, but that's a rarity (unless it's URF, in which case I'll spend a week binging it). I made this website because I needed a creative outlet. It's not for anything. It's for me. It's almost like a MySpace page before MySpace stopped being cool. I don't like Facebook because it doesn't allow for much customization -- it's literally just a site to share crap on. Guess what? I can do that right here. Tumblr works as well, and I thought for a long time about just making karasu.me link to a tumblr account but I'm not going to bother with that when I can use this to showcase my web and graphic design talents (or lack thereof) -- and I get a bunch of storage space for my stuff, to boot! I'll probably end up putting coding projects on here one day. Not now though. I'm writing this at 00:31 because I needed some content to test some jQuery code -- which we'll know works when this is done. Thanks for reading my little blurb about myself. I'm done now, though. Au revoir!